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Model 10394A
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Model 10394A

CABLE: Model 10120A. CX-4708 A/AIC, branched, four conductor, stranded, teflon insulation, braided nylon jacket. Approx. 19 inches long. Terminated with pin type terminals and a U-179A/U Connector. Grommet provided for helmet feed-thru Per MIL-DTL 22442/37

CABLE: Model 10438A. CX-4707C/AIC,
coiled, six conductor, stranded, teflon insulation,
rubber jacket. Approx. 42 inches before coiling.
Terminated with a U-174/U, and with two U-173/U
Connectors. Per Mil-DTL-22442/33

EARCUSHION: Model 10395B. Polyurethane covered foam.
EARPHONES: Model 10009
Type: Dynamic
Frequency Response: 100-5500Hz
Sensitivity: 105db @ 1KHz re 1 mW
Impedance: 19 Ω @ 1 kHz
Distortion: <3% from 100- 2K Hz
<5% from 2K to 5K
Altitude Compensation: 70,000 feet
Temperature Range: -55’C - +71’C
Per MIL-PRF-25670/2
INSTALLATION KIT: NOT SHOWN MODEL 10323. MK_634/AIC, cord clips, bracket to provide stationary mounting of connectors to helmet.

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