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Model 10299
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Model 10299

CABLE: Model 10270.

Military Type P/O H-87A/U. Four single conductors, rubber jacket. Protected at junction of single and two conductor cordage by rubber molding. Leads terminated with terminals. Rubber molding is bonded to terminals and cordage to form a waterproof rubber covered connection to the earphone. Main cable is rubber jacketed. Terminated by transformer plug. Shell of plug is protected by rubber molding. Plug in Military Type PJ-054.

TRANSFORMER: Isolating impedance matching type. Capable of transferring audio frequency energy from 600 Ohms source to a 7.5 Ohm load. Frequency Response: 200-6000 CPS Impedance: 600 Ohms Per MIL-C - 18266A


Military Type H-87B/U
Type: Dynamic
Frequency Response: 100-7000Hz
Sensitivity: 103db @ 1KHz re 1 mW RMS
Impedance: 15 Ω @ 1 kHz
Distortion: <5% from 200-7000 Hz
Altitude Compensation: 50,000 feet
Temperature Range: -55'C - +85'C
Per MIL-E-18239

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