Quality Control

Astrocom builds to rigid military specifications, therefore quality control is in constant evidence in production as well as in other departments.  Testing and inspection of incoming materials, in-process evaluation, and inspection of workmanship and products is never ending.
Astrocom's quality control begins with incoming material on every order and ends with the shipping container.

Altitude chambers subject microphones, headsets and components to actual conditions of use up to an altitude of 250,000 feet.

  • Universal testing machine is used for compression and tension
  • Salt environmental chambers put equipment though any condition to be found in actual use at sea.
  • Humidity chamber produces relative humidity from 20% to 100% with temperature control.
  • Temperature chamber produces heat conditions from –100 degrees F. to +400 F.
  • Electro-Mechanical fixturing is used for testing of components and/or completed items.
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