Astrocom's production departments are organized in a manner which reflect the aim of quality products produced quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the care needed for consistent high standards.

Hand assembly is used throughout production, except in assembly line procedures that facilitate rapid operation. These lines are basically a series of long tables in large open areas.  Change-over from one product line to another is speedily accomplished by repositioning the people.

Plastic parts are assembled by sonic welding technology.

Astrocom employees are continually trained to ensure quality and cost-efficient processes.  Astrocom uses several type of training tools including on-the-job training to meet their needs.

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As with all Astrocom employees, production workers are carefully selected and trained to perform the accurate and demanding work to produce quality products. As an example, there are as many as 100 hand operations in the assembly of headset-microphones; every individual must know and do his job accurately to achieve the end product.

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