Location Advantage

Astrocom BuildingBeginning in 1961 with three employees, Astrocom is now working in a modern plant in Oneonta, New York, with more than 65,000 square feet of design and manufacturing space.  The Astrocom staff has the means and ability to develop and produce superior communications equipment for a sophisticated market.


Creative design and engineering, coupled with precise and careful manufacturing under stringent quality control, has made Astrocom the dependable supplier of quality products.


These proven methods, coupled with the active and enthusiastic search for the newest and best ideas of communication, will continue to make Astrocom products the standard by which others are judged.  Astrocom’s location in Oneonta gives the advantage of a stable and skilled labor market and a geographic position that permits easy and rapid shipment.


Astrocom has a planned operation, from design concept through finished product, to serve a market that is ever-changing with increasing demands for quality electronic communication equipment.  Within the planned mobility that Astrocom is built upon, the company can and does anticipate its customers' needs, and supplies them with quality products that makes Astrocom Electronics the "Innovators in Communication Equipment."


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