Vendor Quality Assurance

1. To ensure that the best possible product is supplied to Astrocom Electronics by our

vendors, we have established a Qualified Suppliers List to ensure all products meet quality standards set forth by our customers.


All new suppliers will be evaluated using a Self-Assessment Survey.  This survey will be reviewed and rated by the Quality Assurance Manager.  If accepted the supplier will be entered on our Qualified Suppliers List and notified.  If a potential new supplier is denied inclusion on our Qualified Suppliers List, they will be notified of same.


By utilizing SupplierTrak Software, Astrocom Electronics is capable of rating its suppliers on a quarterly basis on their performance in the following areas:

QUALITY Pieces accepted x 100 = (QUALITY)

Pieces received

DELIVERY* Pieces received on time x 100 = (ON-TIME DELIVERY)

Pieces received *five-day grace period

PRICING Subjective, based on past history and other vendors' pricing

SERVICE Subjective, based on all other attributes of the supplier (i.e. responsiveness)
Acceptable – some form of notification that action has been taken to correct the deficiency within 1-2 phone call and/or 1 working day.
Unacceptable – Action taken not to correct the deficiency within 5 days.



Excellent (preferred vendor) 91-100%

Acceptable (improvement desired) 81-90%

Marginal (necessary improvement needed) 71-80%

Unacceptable (possible disqualification) Below 70%


Due to the nature of Astrocom Electronics' product line, we reserve the right to use vendors that fall below the 70% level (i.e. sole source vendors).  This, however, does not alleviate Astrocom from seeking new sources to relieve the undesirable situation.


Astrocom Electronics reserves the right to conduct on-site surveys for marginal vendors to assist in determining problem areas and to resolve quality deficiencies.


NOTE: Where price and service are affecting overall rating scores of a supplier, these areas will not be held in as high criteria as Quality and Delivery.


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